Rigging emission tests: France opens inquiry into Volkswagen


Speaking with Taboo News, a prosecutor’s close aide in Paris said that French authorities are investigating “deception” in regards to rigging emission tests. The world was taken by storm when the German giant VW admitted that it rigged 11 million …


10 Killed in Oregon campus shooting, gunman also dead

Umpqua Community College campus is situated in a pictorial area. Everything about it is serene and beautiful. However events that unleashed earlier today are nothing short of horrific. The school is widely called a peaceful, safe learning place was transformed …


10 facts you didn’t know about Facebook


Facebook is a revolutionary website. A tool that has truly change the world how we know it. Everybody is on Facebook these days and the website’s ability to attract people of all ages, nationalities and professions is quite remarkable. However …


Britain’s youngest terror mastermind jailed for life

Britian's Youngest Terror Mastermind

The unidentified boy was jailed for life for the attack he planned to carry on Australia Anzac Day. Wait till you hear the horrific details. A British teenager plotted an attack to behead a police officer in broad daylight. The …


Gay marriage proposal in China goes viral

This is China’s most intriguing marriage proposal, because it came to pass between two men. China may not seem like the most romantic place in the world – much less a subway train in Beijing. That’s where it all happened. …


An Overview of Android 4.4 Kikat and iOS 7.1

The days of the release of iOS 7.1 and KitKat 4.4are drawing near. The excitement is building up and techies are on their toes, waiting. Such updates are game changing. You can be certain that something big is on the …