25 Highest Paid Celebrities

If you follow pop culture trends, you can probably guess who the most popular stars of the year were. However, the celebrities who made more money than anyone else in 2015 will definitely surprise you. For instance, the biggest rappers in …

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The World Refugee Crisis

The news has been filled with images of refugees and migrants over the past few months. Presidential candidates and business leaders have all had something to say about the “Refugee Crisis”. Since the attacks in Paris, there have been many …

BROWSEThe World Refugee Crisis

15 Creepy Cults That Will Terrorize Your Soul

There is a thin line that separates cult from religion, an extremely thin line that inspires debates and intrigues. There are elements present in religion that are also found in a cult, such as the elements of worship, dogma, and authority. Unlike religion, however, the doctrines and practices of a cult are not accepted by the greater population.

10 bizarre Pope Francis articles you can buy online


Pope Francis, the current vicar of Christ took charge in one of the darkest times in modern history. Countries are at war, oppression, hunger, poverty are at their all time high and religious intolerance is diminishing with every minute. But good old Pope Francis has done a good job and that has turned into a celebrity (even bigger than Popes usually are!).

Here are 10 odd Pope Francis collectibles you can buy online.

‘Francis Rocks Philly’ champagne

(Credit: Etsy seller Sean Devlieger)

OK, how cool is that? – This gold leaf decorated bottle is a limited edition beauty that is being sold on Etsy at $50. The seller is also selling T-shirts of the same design.