Dating In Los Angeles

Big City Problems

Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the United States. This would make dating seem like a breeze when there are so many people to consider. People that actually live in Los Angeles, however, are facing their own challenges. This is why buying sex dolls is becoming more mainstream and less taboo. This is a city that is spaced out geographically with a number of singles, but it can be difficult to date when people are geographically in places that make steady dating complicated. No one wants to spend an hour commute trying to get to someone that they have found a connection with. That tends to be one of the biggest problems for people that are in this big city that has so many potential singles. There is a lot of work that has to be put forth for commuting with people that are in communities that are outside of your dating circle.

The city is segmented in a way that makes it harder to get to know more people if you do not live in certain communities. You may shop or hang out in a community outside of your own, but it becomes harder to socialize and keep up would people that you meet in these areas that you do not live it. The chemistry may be there, but the commute that comes with it may just seem like a hassle.

Citizens of Los Angeles already spend a ton of their time in traffic just trying to get to their jobs. No one wants to spend the equal amount of time trying to get to a date. That is the reality for many single people that call Los Angeles home.

There are some people that are motivated to take the long commutes, but it requires a lot of dedication. It is different than a lot of other cities because a person can live in Los Angeles and still feel very much like they are in a long distance relationship with the person that they are dating. It takes a lot of time to work on these types of relationships. Many people just don’t have this much time. 

The Competition

There is a lot of fear about the competition when it comes to dating. With sex dolls, the competition is eliminated. The ratio of men to women can sometimes provide men with more choices. This results in what appears to be a competitive nature in women that makes it harder for men to choose one. A lot of dating may never lead anywhere because the man is constantly bombarded with other women that are fighting for his attention. 

Women will feel that they are in competition with women that live in the same communities, but they also feel themselves in competition with other women that do not live on their side of town. This makes the dating dance very difficult. It becomes harder for dating to become an exclusive relationship. Men have many choices that they want to explore while women have many other women in competition with them. It becomes a rather grueling cycle for everyone that is involved. 

There are also a lot of aspiring models in the city of Los Angeles. People want to become famous. They want to become celebrities or date celebrities. This brings about another form of competition that certain people are not aware of until they meet someone that is connected to a celebrity. This can lead a person that has a regular job to doubt themselves. They may feel like they are unable to compete with the rich celebrity that has a lot more to offer when it comes to finances and spoiling their potentials dates. 

There is a perfect world culture that exists in Los Angeles. A lot of people have plastic surgery. Perfect abs and perfect waistlines are relevant. People are aiming for the beach body all year long because this is part of the celebrity culture. This can make the process of dating harder. You may feel like there is a standard that you have to keep up with. It is like competing with images of people that you have no desire to imitate. It becomes a superficial self-loathing road to dating if you are not careful. People that are unsure of themselves can lose confidence and fear rejection in these types of perfectionist environments.