10 bizarre Pope Francis articles you can buy online

Pope Francis, the current vicar of Christ took charge in one of the darkest times in modern history. Countries are at war, oppression, hunger, poverty are at their all time high and religious intolerance is diminishing with every minute. But good old Pope Francis has done a good job and that has turned into a celebrity (even bigger than Popes usually are!).

Here are 10 odd Pope Francis collectibles you can buy online.

‘Francis Rocks Philly’ champagne

(Credit: Etsy seller Sean Devlieger)

OK, how cool is that? – This gold leaf decorated bottle is a limited edition beauty that is being sold on Etsy at $50. The seller is also selling T-shirts of the same design. 

Pope-on-Rope Soap

(Credit: Etsy seller PopePopUpPhilly)

Wash your sins say – literally! With this $40 Pope on rope soap, you get two soaps and you can even choose from various scents. 

Pope pop art coasters

(Credit: Etsy seller SelfieAddict)

Pope can now save your coffee table from stains too! – As low as $35 for a set of four pieces. 

Hug-a-pope pin

(Credit: Etsy user beanforest )

Only for $1.50 on Etsy, you can show your love and support for Pope Francis. Come on, he deserves it! 

Pope Bleacher Creature

(Credit: Amazon )

This is something quite novel. For only $24.99 you can get the 10 inch Pope Bleacher Creature from Amazon. 


(Credit: Esty user KateOhhtay)

No not postcards, “pope”cards. How cool is that? – For only $13.50 you can get a set of five from Etsy. And the cards are not short on creativity as you can see. 

The rookie card

(Credit: Phillies )

In fact, forget what we said earlier, THIS is the most novel item on our list – a Pope’s baseball card! What does a Pope have to do with baseball? Apparently that doesn’t matter as a cards are a hit on Ebay. 

Crochet Pope


(Credit: Etsy user BunkerVintage)

This handmade 11 inch crochet is going for $99 a piece at Etsy. You can play with the Pope, use him to re-live your favorite moments from his speeches. You can even get a Tom Cruise doll and make him and Pope star in your own movie! 

Pope Toaster


(Credit: Amazon)

This is the most practical item on our list. At $58.95, you can toast your slices with either Pope Francis’ face or “Spread the Love” text. Genius! 



(Credit: Amazon)

You probably saw this one coming. The Pope’s bobblehead is finally available on Amazon at $29.95.