The Most Dangerous Places On Earth

*Warning* This article covers topics such as terrorism, crime, and trafficking. This article includes content and images of a graphic nature that may upset people.


There are many dangerous places in the world, but there are also some very adventurous people out there. If you want the ultimate in adventure tourism, one of these 20 most dangerous places in the world might just the thing to give you a constant rush of adrenaline if not abject fear and terror. Some places are dangerous because of their location, because of things like recent earthquakes, and because of general lawlessness. Of course, anywhere that is in a war zone is also pretty dangerous for obvious reasons.

A warning from the U.S. Department of State about travel to a given location is also a good warning sign that this is not a safe place to go. There are some places so dangerous you cannot even get there from the United States, but if you are determined, you can go somewhere else and get there another way.

While some places are war zones, or nearly, there are some otherwise nice civilized cities that are dangerous because of the crime rate. In some cities there is a danger of getting robbed, raped or murdered, but more from the regular criminal element. Some of these cities are in the United States. There are other places that are dangerous naturally, which is what most adventure seekers want. With all that in mind, here is our list of the world’s 20 most dangerous places. Be warned, there are some graphic images.

Sana’a Yemen

This is a city that would be worth visiting but it is very dangerous. It is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities, and is said to have been founded by one of Noah’s sons (Noah of Ark fame). The U.S. Dept of State says do not go there, and its very hard to get a tourist visa. You have to get one from a travel agent inside the country. The problem here is general unrest, lawlessness and terrorism.


There is a high chance you could be kidnapped and beheaded by terrorists. On the plus side, your head might end up on the national news. On the flip side, a foreigner there, found in the wrong place, could be charged with terrorism and jailed indefinitely by the police. There is just no safe place to be here.