Dumbest Celebrity Quotes.

Oh Mariah Carey *face palm.. Just because they are famous and have more talent than us (well most of them) definitely doesn’t mean they’re smarter than us. They’re lucky they’re pretty… Here are six of the dumbest thing ever said by celebrities.

Things Guys (and most women) HATE About Girls.

They cut, primp, contour, highlight, inject, and cover their bodies all up to look like perfect media approved Barbie. Yay! Now they’re beautiful! Now everyone will like them right? Well think again. Here are eight things guys (and most woman) HATE about girls.

Dumbest Dog Breeds


  When choosing a dog breed, one must look at trainability and intelligence. How will the dog be trained and what will be expected of this dog? Questions like these will enable people to choose which breed will work best …

BROWSEDumbest Dog Breeds