Apple’s New Privacy Policy

Img by Softpedia

Apple announced its new privacy policy on Tuesday. The policy was announced regarding the new features in iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

Marketing their new policy, Apple makes it clear that it doesn’t sell its customer profiles to advertisers, like its rivals. They give reference to Google Maps. Android’s Google app that tracks the location and trips and then creates a profile about it. It links the users travelling habit together. Based on that link Google advertises “suitable option” to the consumer.

Apple claims that Apple Maps, unlike Google Maps separates the users’ travel into segments. There is no “profiling” of how user travels.

Here are the highlights of Apple’s new security features:

    • Stronger security
    • Six digit passcodes
    • Two step verification
    • Activation lock
    • Encrypted data on Apple devices such as FaceTime and iMessages


The security features have not impressed everyone. Simon Swift, Digital Media Director at Swift Contract Phones says,

“A 100% security is nothing but a myth. Nothing is completely and unassailably secure. Apple’s new branding of its security features is a clever marketing strategy.  These days, things can be stolen without being physically taken. The whole definition of stealing has been changed. Everything is digital, which means that we have to put in extra security. Mobile phones are generally vulnerable. Even if someone cannot hack into your account, he can get enough information legally than he should. Both Android and Apple are doing nothing to protect their consumers’ privacy.”