The NBA’s Hottest Wives

The NBA employs some of the best athletes in the world and highly paid superstar basketball players seem to have it all. From the constant media attention, to endorsement deals to all the trappings that come with a rich and famous lifestyle of an NBA player, who wouldn’t envy a life like that? As if all that weren’t enough, these men have some the hottest wives and girlfriends on the planet. The old adage goes, “Behind every man is a great woman” but after seeing the wives and girlfriends of your favorite NBA ballers, you may want to change that to, “Behind every great man is a great looking woman”. Read on to find out more about the 30 hottest wives and girlfriends of the NBA.

1. Johanna Lundback,

Girlfriend of Jonas Jerebko (Boston Celtics)

When you hear the words Swedish model it sounds like more of a clich√© than a NBA baller’s reality. But a Swedish model doesn’t sound so far-fetched to Boston Celtics Power Forward-Small Forward Jonas Jerebko who has managed to snag one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the catwalk. Jerebko has been happily dating Swedish model Johanna Lundback and any man could see why. Her striking good looks and svelte model body make her a standout among other beautiful NBA wives and girlfriends. Johanna has graced the covers of numerous international magazines and has walked the catwalk for renowned designers during her impressive career.