Coolest Custom Celebrity Cars

If there’s one thing all celebrities have in common, it’s their appreciation for high-quality vehicles. The most expensive street-legal car – an $8,000,000 Maybach Exelero – belongs to a celebrity (Jay Z), and so does the largest (Tim Allen’s) car collection in the country.

They don’t care much for factory-condition rides because someone else is bound to have the same one. That’s utterly unacceptable for anyone with a Hollywood-sized ego. Yes, some celebrities are truly passionate about cars but most just want to show off. We doubt Flo Rida decided to cover his Bugatti in a layer of 24-karat gold because he’s a ‘gear-head’. He just wanted to show off to the neighbors, which is totally understandable – Flo’s human too.

When celebrities want something really unique, they spare no expense. The best designers, mechanics and engineers collaborate to create the world’s coolest, most sensational custom cars. Take a look at some of the most impressive examples and you’ll understand what all the hype is about.

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